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Tari White


My passion is helping people change their lives in a positive

and healthy way.  I have transformed my life from overweight and depressed to healthy

and fit and I can help YOU do the same! I began my health and wellness journey at age 48. Then, a stay-at-home Mom of 5 kids, I had gained weight and grown weary of my life. So, I decided to make a change!  I started with what I had: my body, a weight bench, some weights and LOTs of


As I began to see a change, it motivated me to keep going. I set goals, changed my

eating habits and was more active, creating my own workouts and meal plans.  It was

working! I had exceeded my expectations that motivated me to go on to become a

womens physique and figure bodybuilder.

My specialties are One-on-One training, bodybuilding and group personal training. I

train according to your specific needs. I can also provide nutritional and meal

suggestions. Together, we come up with a plan that will motivate you to reach your

fitness goals. Your part is to be committed to work hard every single day. Stay true to

your goals!  

ARE YOU READY to GET STARTED?  Text me Today! at 404-200-7200 Or Email me:

Please visit my social media: FB: Tari White Fit  IG: @tariwhitefit  LinkedIn: Tari Baker



Tari White
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